Founding Era: Elizabeth Doreen Wallace Land Registry Services

In 1964, Elizabeth Wallace started Eldor-Wal Registrations Ltd in Edmonton.

From her years of experience with a private land services firm, she had learned about the registration struggles of Alberta businesses.

Soon, local attorneys, law firms, and others in private industry were seeking her help.

Our client base (and reputation) grew very quickly!

Expanding Era: Leslie Kim Manca Complete Search House

Elizabeth mentored her daughter Kim, who eventually took over the business.

With fresh eyes, Kim saw the growing need of Edmonton legal professionals. She expanded our services into court running and searches.

We became one of the most comprehensive search houses in Alberta.

Modern Era: Luke Manca & Karley Malloy (Manca) Full Legal Support & Online Searches

Like her mother before her, Kim started opening up the business to her kids, Luke and Karley.

Each developed their respective strengths. Once Kim saw they were ready, she started grooming them to run the day-to-day operations.

Luke runs the Corporate and Search team and acts as Managing Director. Karley is the Director of Communications, and leads the Litigation division.

In 2016, we expanded into a Calgary office, and extended our services to firms across Canada.

Our latest innovation, and the one clients are most excited by, came from a simple request over coffee:

"My search department has become a hassle. Training and hiring are a constant issue, and the lawyers are complaining that searches aren’t quick or accurate enough. You guys always treat us right. Would you consider taking over the entire department?"

Once Luke heard this, he came back to tell the team that we had a new challenge.

Although it is a huge task to manage an entire legal department, we have a unique edge: our online search requests.

Our clients use the web to make all their requests in a few clicks (we are the only agency offering online court filing submissions in Alberta).

Then our team acts immediately.

This is our specialty; whereas a legal assistant may do a search once in a while, we conduct searches everyday, all day; across Alberta, Canada and the world.

Eldor-Wal is proud to be a Silver-Level Business Partner of: