All corporate and trade names must be registered before an entity can do business under that name. Researching registrations of existing entities is an essential part of due diligence for many firms.

If you need a corporate search in Alberta or elsewhere in Canada, use Eldor-Wal’s Corporate/Trade Name Search and Registration. You can search for a corporation or trade name in any jurisdiction of Canada or the U.S. and register your name in any Canadian province:

  • Corporate/Non-Profit Name Search
  • Certificates of Status
  • Obtain copies of documents
  • Historical Corporate Profiles or Certificates of Status
  • Microfiche

You can also use this option to download the appropriate forms for the following:

  • Annual Returns, Notice of Director or Notice of Address
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Articles of Amendment

To search for a proposed name for a new entity and ensure it is not already in use, please use our NUANS (Name Reservation Report) Search.

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