Law Firm Support in Alberta

Leverage Over 55 Years Of Specialized Law Firm Experience That Gives You Much More Than Just An Army Of Search Agents And Couriers

Court Filing

  • submit filings online, using our simple & time-saving technology
  • runners in Edmonton & Calgary monitor these submissions weekdays from 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
  • same-day Rush filings can be submitted until 3:30 PM
  • no more cheques! (we use a credit card for the fees, with a $5 convenience charge applied)
  • get callbacks for most rejections, and advice to correct those rejections asap
  • 5x daily drops/pickups at Land Titles and Court

Legal Searches

  • a massive list of searches available for your firm
  • order searches online anytime in just a few clicks
  • some searches requested during office hours are completed within minutes
  • reduce your overhead and free up time for your staff
  • results are emailed directly to you, and a copy is saved in your account for data retention and future access

Choose A Level Of Service That Fits Your Firm

1. Exclusive Full Service

Offload the work of an entire legal department (eg. court services or land titles).

We can handle all your search, filing or registration needs. You enjoy the same fast and dedicated service you’d get from an in-house team, at a tremendous savings of administrative hassle and costs.

If you don’t want to do any registrations or court running in-house, this is the level of service for your firm.

2. Dedicated Service

Supplement your in-house team with consistent, ongoing searching/filing and registration help from us.

We can fully customize the workload that you need outsourced.

If you need specific and scheduled court run times each day, but still want to keep select tasks internal, this is the level of service for your firm.

3. As-Needed Service

You may just need to relieve the office pressure during the busy season, or maybe you want to try us once before assigning a larger amount of work.

You can send in requests on a case-by-case basis, with no pre-set schedule or minimum level of work required.

All our exclusive, easy online tools are still available to you!

Ready To Get A Specialized Legal Assistant Team In Calgary Or Edmonton?