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Eldor-Wal Privacy Policy

The following policy sets forth how Eldor-Wal Registrations (1987) Ltd., ("Eldor-Wal ") collects, uses and discloses the information about Eldor-Wal customers and their authorized representatives (“Customers”) that Eldor-Wal collects on this website (“Customer Information”). This policy applies to and any web sites related to operation of the Eldor-Wal Services (“EW Services”). Whether you need Ontario legal support services, Alberta legal support services or any of our other services, these terms and policies apply, so please read them carefully and let us know if you have any questions.

1. Accountability - Contacting Eldor-Wal

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or our information collection, use and disclosure practices you can contact Eldor-Wal’s Privacy Officer, Luke Manca at

2. Identifying Purposes - Information Collected

(a) During the Customer registration, Eldor-Wal collects identifiable information, including, but not limited to, name, company name, work address, e-mail address, phone number, credit card information, the names of any customer’s principal authorized representatives who will work with Eldor-Wal, and any other information Eldor-Wal reasonably requires in order to provide access to Eldor-Wal’s services to its Customers. Customers who use the EW Services will be requested by Eldor-Wal to provide their e-mail and to and to select a password which is used to identify the Customers when they are using the EW Services. Eldor-Wal uses a single step verification process to authenticate and identify registered Customers. You must provide your email address and password in order to gain access to and use the EW Services.

(b) Eldor-Wal collects e-mail addresses of non-Customer visitors (“Client Email Lists”), who have provided their email addresses to Eldor-Wal for, among other things, the purpose of receiving communications from Eldor-Wal for the purpose of learning about the EW Services. In the event you opt to provide your e-mail address for such purposes, the terms of this Privacy Policy will apply to you and the information collected by Eldor-Wal for these purposes will be treated as if it were Customer Information under this Privacy Policy.

3. Consent

By providing the information collected for registration as an Eldor-Wal customer, Customers consent to the collection of such information. Eldor-Wal may retain copies of any communications Eldor-Wal sends to or receives from Customers and other visitors to our site for our records, but may not use any such information except in accordance with the terms of Eldor-Wal’s Privacy Policy.

4. Limited Collection

Eldor-Wal does not collect any other information other than the information Eldor-Wal reasonably requires in order to provide access to Eldor-Wal’s services to Customers. Eldor-Wal does not collect names, postal or e-mail addresses, and phone numbers of non-customer visitors to Eldor-Wal’s Web site, except to complete pending registration applications, to provide access to product demonstrations, or to respond to inquiries regarding the EW Services.

5. Limiting Use, Disclosure, and Retention - Use of Collected Information

(a) Eldor-Wal utilizes the information submitted by prospective Customers to authenticate and verify the identity of such prospective Customers who may be communicating with Eldor-Wal. Eldor-Wal will use the information it collects during the registration process, and other information it collects while authenticating the identity of prospective Customers to evaluate the Customer’s application for use of the EW Services and to conduct continuing reviews or evaluations.

(b) Eldor-Wal uses information it collects from Customers in connection the completion of all EW Services. Eldor-Wal may use such information to operate, maintain and enhance the EW Services and other services offered by Eldor-Wal. Eldor-Wal also uses Customer information to bill Customers for their use of Eldor-Wal’s Services and to monitor compliance with the rules and policies of the EW Services.

(c) Eldor-Wal compiles and analyzes its Customers’ information into aggregated research reports. Except as may be otherwise agreed in a separate agreement between Eldor-Wal and any Customer, Eldor-Wal may share this aggregated data with its business partners. However, except as set forth below, aggregated information is not identified with any particular Customer or any particular Customer’s Representative or any other particular Customer information.

(d) Eldor-Wal will retain Customer Information only for so long as necessary to permit use as outlined in this policy including for Eldor-Wal to provide access to Eldor-Wal’s software applications and services to you and its other customers.

6. Accuracy - Customer update or deletion of information collected by Eldor-Wal

(a) Customers have a responsibility to keep certain information current particularly with respect to authorized representatives. Customers may correct, change or update the Customer Information and information about their authorized representatives through the use of the customer login and password at as applicable.

(b) Customers have a responsibility to remove expired or cancelled credit card account numbers from their online accounts in a timely fashion.

(c) To request deletion of your Customer Information, please contact the Privacy Officer, Luke Manca, at In some cases, we may not be able to delete your Customer information and will retain and use your information as necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce our agreements. To unsubscribe from our email communications, please use the unsubscribe button contained in the email.

7. Safeguards - Information Sharing

(a) Eldor-Wal and its authorized representatives have access to the Customer Information. Eldor-Wal will not disclose, sell, rent, license, exchange or release Customer Information to third parties except when Eldor-Wal has permission from Customer or when Eldor-Wal believes in good faith that the law requires it or under the circumstances described below. Eldor-Wal will disclose portions of the Customer Information such as bank account numbers and credit card numbers to the relevant banks that process payments. Each Customer’s information may contain certain information that Eldor-Wal maintains for Customers, at Customer’s request, while such Customer uses the EW Services.

(b) Eldor-Wal may disclose Customer Information when Eldor-Wal has reason to believe that disclosing Customer Information is necessary to identify, contact or bring legal action against someone who may be violating the terms of use for the EW Services or may be causing injury to or interference (either intentionally or unintentionally) with Eldor-Wal rights or property, other Eldor-Wal Customers, or anyone else who could be harmed by such activities.

(c) Eldor-Wal may share aggregated Customer Information with any third parties. From time to time, Eldor-Wal may retain the services of third-party service providers and consultants. Eldor-Wal may allow these third parties to access Customer Information, but only to the extent required to perform the tasks Eldor-Wal has retained them to perform that may include certain operations for the EW Services. Eldor-Wal’s shall require such third parties to agree to maintain the confidentiality of Customer Information in compliance with the terms of this Privacy Policy.

8. Cookies

Eldor-Wal’s Web site(s) may use cookies to recognize each Customer as an authorized user of the EW Services, and allow us to provide customized services and improve the performance and usability of our website(s). Eldor-Wal may offer certain features that are only available through the use of a "cookie". Customer is always free to decline our cookies if its browser permits, although in that case such Customer may not be able to use certain features on Eldor-Wal’s website(s).

9. Security Precautions

(a) Eldor-Wal takes protective measures related to information security within the EW Services to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive Customer Information and prevent the loss, misuse, unauthorized access, discousure, destructino or alteration of the Customer Information while stored or in use within the EW Services.

(b) This Privacy Policy covers exchanges of information within the Eldor-Wal web sites with Customers. The Eldor-Wal sites may contain links to other sites but Eldor-Wal is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such sites.

10. Customer choices regarding collection, use and distribution of Customer Information

(a) By accepting the terms of the terms of use for the EW Services and becoming a Customer, each Customer agrees that Eldor-Wal may collect certain information (as detailed in this Privacy Policy) from and about the Customer to authenticate the Customer and enroll the Customer as a user of the EW Services. If a prospective Customer does not agree to this Privacy Policy, it may not become a Customer.

(b) Eldor-Wal may offer a Customer during registration or, through a follow-on email, the opportunity to receive offers and information about products and services from Eldor-Wal and its partners that Eldor-Wal believes may be of interest to the Customer. The Customer will be provided a choice whether to accept or not accept this offer. If Customer accepts, Eldor-Wal (or agents working on behalf of Eldor-Wal) may occasionally send the Customer such information. If this offer is not accepted, then Customer will not receive such information. If Customer initially accepts, Customer will be provided opportunity to discontinue receiving such information each time it is sent.

11. Customer Contact

Eldor-Wal reserves the right to contact Customers regarding account status and changes to the terms of use for the EW Services, this Privacy Policy, or any other policies or agreements relevant to Customers.

12. Customer access to information collected by Eldor-Wal

(a) Upon written request, Eldor-Wal will provide to Customers a summary of any of their Customer Information retained by Eldor-Wal including any use and disclosure.

(b) Eldor-Wal reserves the right to charge a reasonable fee for processing information requests and for providing access to Customer Information or for information about the use or disclosure of Customer Information. No fees will be charged in respect of requests to correct an error or omission in personal information.

(c) Eldor-Wal will provide a written estimate of the total fee prior to processing any information request and may require a deposit in the amount determined by Eldor-Wal prior to commencing processing any request. Eldor-Wal will not process an information request until the written estimate has been accepted and where a deposit is required, it has been paid. If Eldor-Wal has not received a response to the estimate within 30 days from the date the estimate was provided, it will consider the information request to have been withdrawn.

13. Challenging Compliance - Privacy Officer Contact

For anything to do with this Privacy Policy, including questions or comments, or to challenge Eldor-Wal compliance with this Privacy Policy, please contact Eldor-Wal as follows:

Luke Manca, Privacy Officer
Eldor-Wal Registrations
#29, 10015 - 103 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta

Eldor-Wal will inform individuals who make enquiries or lodge complaints about Eldor-Wal’s enquiry or complaint procedures, as applicable. If a complaint is found to be justified, Eldor-Wal will take appropriate measures, including, if necessary, amending Eldor-Wal’s policies and practices.

14. Changes to the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is subject to applicable privacy laws and Eldor-Wal’s right to change it at any time. Eldor-Wal may change this Privacy Policy at any time and will post the changes to the Privacy Policy on our Web sites. Any change to this Privacy Policy will become effective ten (10) business days after it is initially posted on the Eldor-Wal Web sites unless otherwise agreed with Customer in writing. Continued use of the EW Services following such period will mean that the Customer accepts such changes, which shall also bind its authorized representatives. Eldor-Wal may also, in the future, offer new services, products and/or features (including, the release of new tools and resources). Such new features and/or services shall also be subject to this Privacy Policy.If a Customer does not agree to any such change, it must terminate its agreement with Eldor-Wal and cease using the EW Services.